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About us

Well hello there. 👋🏼

We're Jacksonville Works.

A local jobs site focused on helping people in Jacksonville find and hire for hourly jobs.


Born in 2020, we're obsessed with bringing the best hourly jobs in our hometown and Jacksonville job seekers together. Because we know when that happens, awesome things happen. Businesses grow. Families and individuals thrive. And those things together creates a Jacksonville that works for everyone.


Our mission….

To help people in Jacksonville find and hire for hourly jobs.













Our Vision….

To create the easiest to use, most helpful and effective job search and recruiting resource for Jacksonville.



We believe that……

➡ Every person in Jacksonville deserves a job that they love, that meets their financial needs and that allows  them to develop into their full potential.

➡Employers, whether large or small, deserve an affordable way to promote their jobs, engage with job seekers and hire the employees they need to grow.

➡ Finding a great job or hiring the best employees should not be hard or complicated.

➡That every person and every business has value and makes a unique contribution to making Jacksonville a desirable place to live and work.

5 Things You May Not Know About Us

1// We are a locally owned and operated business. Our Jacksonville roots run deep. So if you choose to find a job or recruit employees with us, you’re also supporting a business in the Jacksonville community.


2// Our team is 100% remote. Launched in a pandemic kind of required us to start off remote. But we found that we really loved working remotely. So we are permanently virtual even though we all live in Jacksonville.


3// We have an actual happy dance to celebrate when members of our community get a job offer. (And no- we’re not posting a video. Way too embarrassing.)


4// Helping businesses, especially small businesses meet their hiring goals is 👏🏼 our 👏🏾 jam. From helping them create apply-now-worthy job postings, to personally combing through our resume database to hand select members who would be great additions to their team, we’re all hands on deck.


5// We love our non-profit organizations. Throughout the year we support several local non-profit organizations through our Hire Good Campaign. Have a non-profit you’d like to see us support? Drop us a line.

What's next friend?

Now that you know more about us, we hope that you’ll consider letting us be part of your job search or  hiring journey.

If you’re ready, so are we. Choose your path below, and we’ll see you in the community.

Help me ________

🔍 Find my next job      🤼Hire my next employee.