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Team Spirit Need a Boost? Here are 4 Ways to Improve it Fast.

Team Spirit Need a Boost? Here are 4 Ways to Improve it Fast.

If you've noticed the vibe among your employees is low, you're not alone. The employees who are on team have been stretched thin and to the max especially as the economy has reopened from the pandemic. But even though demand for services have increased, some employers are finding it challenging to staff up to meet that demand. So those who are working are working even harder to keep up. 


With all of the current stress, employees may be on the verge of or experiencing burnout. All of which can have an impact  on their performance at work. Which makes taking action to improve team spirit and morale all the more important for business owners.


Fortunately, there are many things you can do to give your team a boost, relieve employee burnout and help your team be in a better state of mind to perform their jobs well. In this post, we’ll share four things most businesses can do right now that will increase morale and team spirit on your team.


1. Give Your Team Time Off to Recharge


Your team is tired. 


The longer they have been with you, the more tired they are. The past year and half for many businesses has meant working through a pandemic. Followed by  working through extreme staffing shortages. All while  juggling their personal lives with additional shifts and longer hours.


It's been a lot.


And even if your staff has never complained, they are exhausted. The burnout is real. 


That's why companies like Bumble, Mixed Feelings, Hootsuite and Nike have shut down operations for a week or more to give employees time to rest and recharge. These companies are wisely addressing the fact that their employees are if not burnt out, severely stressed out. 

But what if you can't close your business down for a week  and pay employees to rest? There are still ways that you can give employees an opportunity to Recharge. Other options include:


  • Close for a weekend. If your business is open on weekends, close on a weekend during a time of year that is less busy. 


  • Give employees a three or 4 day weekend. If your business is closed on weekends, give them Friday or Monday off to make it a three day weekend. Or Friday and Monday for a four day weekend. 


  • Extend a holiday weekend. Everyone loves a three day weekend. You extend a holiday weekend by closing the day before and after the holiday. This would give employees five days off. 


Even if you can't close for a solid week, there are other ways to offer employees some time off to recharge. As a result,  they can serve your customers well. Also, remember to pay your staff for this time off. 

2. Show Your Appreciation 


A simple "thank you" goes a long way to boosting morale and keeping spirits up during demanding times. Employees who feel that their efforts are ignored and unappreciated are less willing to continue those efforts. Or worse, may start to look for employment with other companies. Intentionally and sincerely show appreciation to employees on a regular basis to let them know you see their work and value it.  

Need ideas? Check out our list of 24 affordable employee appreciation ideas that employees will love.

3. Work to Improve Culture and Work Environment Issues


A bad work environment can seriously bring down team spirit and morale. Now is a great time to address the things your employees dislike about the work environment or company in general. 


This can be a hard thing to do. It is often difficult to believe that there could be major issues in your business.  But by involving your employees, you can not only identify challenges, but can find solutions that will be meaningful to them. 


To discover possible issues to improve you can start by:


  • Reviewing past exit interviews and looking for common themes. Then ask your current staff for their input on which they would like to work on.

  • Conduct stay interviews, focus groups or send out an employee survey to identify problem areas. For ideas and  questions to ask employees check out the resource,  7 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Employees.


Improving company culture and work environment is an ongoing process. You never reach "perfect" . It is a continuous effort that every business keeps working on. But the payoff is  being an employer where employees want to work. The feedback is an opportunity to improve, retain your team and position your business to be an employer of choice in the community. 

4. Celebrate Whatever You Can


Because really why not?  It is always a good time to celebrate. So whenever you can, infuse some joy into the work day. And everyone loves a celebration too. Celebrations at work can be both something to look forward to, work toward, or a surprise. Here are some ideas.


Work Toward: 

  • Attendance
  • Sales
  • Productivity 


Look Forward to:

  • Birthdays
  • Birth celebrations
  • Holidays/seasonal
  • Work anniversaries 


For  a Surprise:

  • Busy weeks
  • Micro holidays 
  • Any time you want 
  • Individual accomplishments

(First day if work, completing 90 days of work, completing training, ect)


Find ways to celebrate with your employees. You’ll maintain a high level of positivity in your work environment and happier 


Team spirit and morale can dip in any business at any time. Keeping a pulse on the vibe in your business can allow you to take quick action to give employees a boost before negativity erodes the company culture. The good news is that if your team does need a boost, these ideas provide quick and effective intervention. 



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