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52 Benefits Your Small Business Can Offer to Attract Employees to Your Company

52 Benefits Your Small Business Can Offer to Attract Employees to Your Company

Hiring in 2021 is definitely a challenge. The days of just offering a paycheck are, if not over, aren’t cutting it  right now. Workers are demanding more from employers in exchange for their time, labor and talent. So, as a busy small business owner, what can you do to compete in the war for talent and get people interested in applying for jobs at your company? Well, we got you covered.  

Here you’ll find ideas of how you can attract good employees to your business through the benefits you offer. Offering the right mix of benefits that support the whole employee and above average compensation are things that will generate more interest in your business and jobs. By giving job seekers and employees what they want, you as a business owner will ultimately get what you want, a fully staffed business.  

We’ve organized this list into categories for easy reference. Under each category you’ll find ideas to add value for employees and strengthen your ability to attract top job applicants. Our team will  be adding to this list as we continue to engage with our community of jobseekers and learn more about what’s important to them in a job. So bookmark this page to come back for more ideas. 




-Birthday as an individual paid holiday

-Holidays off with pay

-Generous paid vacation

-Paid sick leave for illness of employee, child or other family member

-Unlimited PTO (paid time off)

-Generous bereavement time that includes people outside of the employee’s immediate  family.


-Pet insurance 

-Paid maternity and paternity leave

-Elder care assistance 

-Free summer camp for employee  children

-On-site childcare

-Assistance paying costs for childcare

-After school care programs for employee’s children


-Offer supplemental benefits like  accident, hospital indemnity, Id theft, life and short term disability insurance.

-Annual fitness stipend

-Health insurance pay

-Pay 100% of employee health insurance premium 

-Paid mental health days

-Provide dental and vision insurance

-Employee wellness programs

 -Employee Assistance programs (EAP)

-Flexible spending accounts and Health Savings Account 

-Mental health services

-Gym membership reimbursement 


-Significant discounts on whatever product or  service that your business sells

-On-site services like car washes

-Employee perks programs

-Relaxed dress code

-Free employee uniforms

-Company-sponsored fun events

-Unlimited coffee, snacks and drinks

-Upgrade your facilities to create a nicer work environment

-Free company swag

-Free meals


-Growth opportunities within your business

-Education assistance

-Internal training opportunities and development programs


-Fixed schedule

 -Flexible schedule 

-Allow employees to work from home 


-Offer a 401K with a generous employer match

-Transportation assistance

-Pay more than your competitors

-Pay a  sign-on bonus

-Pay a stay-on bonus


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