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7 Signs You Should be Outsourcing Hiring for Your Small Business

7 Signs You Should be Outsourcing Hiring for Your Small Business

At some point in your business growth, you'll have to hire employees. Whether taking the leap to hire that first employee, bringing on additional staff because of business growth or filling that same job for the 743rd time, hiring is part of running a business. 

With hiring employees being a regular reality for most businesses the question that should be asked is this: Should you be the one managing your recruitment process or should you outsource hiring?


Wait, what- can I really outsource hiring?


If this question just popped into your head, the answer is- yes. Hiring can totally be outsourced. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is completely offloading recruitment activities and responsibilities to a third party, like Jacksonville Works. So you don't have to wait until you add a HR pro to your team to relinquish the task of hiring to someone else. 

Recruiting and hiring employees isn't automatically something you have to do personally. You have options. So that brings us back to the original question: Should you outsource hiring to a third party or do it yourself? 

That's what we will explore today. In this article, we will share seven signs that Recruitment Process Outsourcing could be just what your business needs to achieve hiring goals, reduce stress and build a thriving team. If any of these resonate with you, it may be time to give recruitment outsourcing some thought.


You hate doing it.

Many business owners and managers hate the hiring process. The dislike of hiring can be rooted from many reasons. But one common reason is that it adds one more time consuming task to an already busy schedule. 

Business owners may also be frustrated with administrative tasks of hiring such as fielding phone calls, playing phone tag with applicants and candidates who don't show up for interviews. The list of reasons to hate hiring can be long for sure. 

Whatever the reason for dreading the hiring process might be, outsourcing your recruiting process can eliminate it. Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows you to skip to the good part- meeting amazing candidates who are excited about your job. 

You'll be freed from the time consuming, joy draining tasks that come along with hiring. All the things you hate doing, will no longer be on your to-do list. But you'll still expand your teams with the employees you need.

The employees hired don't stay.

If you find yourself constantly hiring for the same position over and over again because of high turnover- it's time to call in some help. While sometimes people just leave your organization for reasons beyond your control, a significant amount of turnover can be tied to bad hires. 

When turnover is the result of bringing people onto your team who are not well aligned with the demands of the job, a close examination of the recruiting process is needed. 

Turning your recruiting process over to a skilled professional through outsourcing will help you identify gaps in your hiring process that can lead to fast, expensive turnover. You'll eliminate turnover causing mistakes and more easily build a strong, reliable team of employees to support your business' success.

You don't have time to follow up with and communicate with applicants.

In a tight labor market, an employer's response time is everything. A business that really needs to hire employees doesn't have the luxury of waiting days to respond to applicants. 

A slow response time will cause you to miss out on high quality applicants because another employer responded quicker. Recruiting Process Outsourcing can give a faster applicant response time, which can mean snagging the better quality candidates for your business. 

With Recruiting Process Outsourcing, you'll have a dedicated recruiter monitoring applications and resumes as they are submitted. This makes it possible to respond to applicants almost in real time and get to the best candidates before your competitors.

Other areas of your business need your attention.

Business owners wear a lot of hats. Some of those responsibilities do and should demand more of your attention than others. Among those things are the things that actually make money for your business. Because we all know bad things happen when money isn't coming in. 

That's why it can be hard to divert time away from those money generating activities and shift attention to hiring. And even more the time investment required to do it right. 

That's where Recruiting Process Outsourcing can support your business. By taking over the recruiting process, you don't have to take your time away from revenue generating priorities. You can keep working on your business while a skilled recruiter sources and evaluates candidates.

Your business is growing rapidly.

Business growth is a great thing. It's why you put in the long hours and work so hard. But on the other side of that growth is the practical matter of getting the work done. 

That additional work could mean you have to rapidly hire employees to meet the demand. It could also mean you won't have time to dedicate to a high volume of hiring while also managing a high volume of work. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can help you balance your hiring demands and work demands. By passing on the time consuming tasks of recruiting to a hiring expert experienced in high volume hiring you can easily balance competing priorities- without being overwhelmed.

Your Recruiting Process is inconsistent and not well defined.

It takes time and expertise to create an effective recruitment process. Then once it's created it takes time to consistently follow that process. Being busy, overwhelmed or so short staffed that you only want a warm body in a seat, can derail your hiring results. 

A poorly designed and inconsistently followed hiring plan will result in bad hires, high turnover and even more hiring frustration. But being busy or not having the expertise to craft the perfect hiring process doesn't have to spell disaster. 

Recruiting Process Outsourcing can give employers access to a well defined, tested and proven recruitment process without having to create it or having that expertise within their business. Employers, especially small businesses would benefit from the improved hiring results, better hires and more efficient teams that a well designed recruiting process brings.

Hiring decisions are made based on gut feelings and not objective criteria.

No doubt that hiring can be an emotional and stressful process. But deciding who to actually hire shouldn't be an emotional or gut based decision. Unfortunately, it is very easy to choose someone to hire based on factors such as likeability, appearance or instinct. While these may feel compelling at the moment such factors are not reliable predictors of job success and can lead to bad hires. 

Partnering with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing consultant such as Jacksonville Works, can help you make more solid hiring decisions based on objective criteria. A skilled recruiter can guide you choosing candidates not based on emotion or institution, but on criteria that predict job success and performance. This expert support and guidance can help you select candidates who have the skills you need and who desire to become part of your team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be a game changing option for any size business. By tapping into the expertise and efficiency of skilled recruiters you can hire great people quicker, with less expense while not taking time away from the core needs of your business.


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