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How to Keep Your Applicant Pipeline Full

How to Keep Your Applicant Pipeline Full

A steady flow of applications is important for any business to be able to hire quickly when job vacancies need to be filled. There is nothing more stressful than needing to hire urgently and finding zero applicants at your fingertips.

Not being able to meet your staffing needs could result in disruption to your business or missing out on an opportunity for your business to grow. Avoiding this stress requires a consistent recruiting strategy that keeps interested job seekers engaging with your business. You need to develop and maintain a full applicant pipeline.

In this article we will explore five ways that you can begin to maintain a healthy applicant pipeline. By implementing even a few of these ideas, you’ll be able to meet your hiring needs now and in the future.


Always Be Hiring

Repeat after us, you’re never not hiring. 

This is the mindset required to maintain a full applicant pipeline. It doesn’t matter that you’re currently fully staffed and haven’t had a vacant position in months.  You are always hiring.  

You may not even have the work capacity to bring on more staff. You’re still always hiring. 

By always being on the lookout for good people to join your team through consistent job posting and interviewing, you’ll be prepared for unexpected changes in staffing needs. Whether those changes are because your business grows or an employee quits unexpectedly, you’ll be prepared for whatever change comes up.

Share Your Jobs on Multiple Job Sites

When you  need to keep a full applicant pipeline, you need to keep your company’s employment opportunities in front of job seekers.

The more places that your company’s jobs can be found not only can result in more applications but also more eyes on your job in general. By seeking out and posting on a variety of job boards, like Jacksonville Works, you can maximize  the exposure of your job. 

Thinking broadly about where to share your jobs will increase the chances that a diverse population of job seekers will learn about your company. 

Use Offline Recruiting Methods

Online recruiting is effective and convenient. Posting jobs online gives your business the ability to share your job with thousands of people with a few clicks on the computer. 

But, online methods are not the only ways to get the word out that you’re always hiring. Incorporate some offline recruiting into your strategy to reach job seekers who may not have internet access or to inject some creativity into your out reach.

There are so many possibilities that will catch the attention of job seekers in a memorable way and make your company stand out as an employer.

Get Referrals (Current and old employees.)

As part of your overall recruiting strategy, consider starting an employee referral program.

Your employees are  a great resource to include in your recruiting strategy. Your employees have friends, classmates, church members and family who may be good potential employees for your business. 

These connections may never see your job postings, but may apply at the encouragement of someone they know and trust. Also studies have found that employees stay longer when they have a friend who works at the businesses. So not only could you get a new hire, you could also increase employee retention at the same time.

And don’t just include current employees in your referral program. Former employees who left on good terms could also be a great source of referrals. 


Create a Process to Stay in Touch with Applicants You Didn’t Hire

Staying in touch with previous applicants you didn’t hire is a smart move. If these applicants were good candidates, don’t let them forget about your company.

This could be something as simple as creating an email list and sending out periodic updates. When your company hires again, you can send out an email blast to let those applicants know.

By staying at top of mind, they can maintain interest in working with your company in the future.


Maintaining a viable source of applicants is important for every business. Creating and sticking to a recruiting strategy that includes consistent engagement with jobseekers will position your company to always be ready to meet staffing demands. Consider implementing a few of these ideas in to your plan.


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