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7 Tips to Get Better Results from Your Resume on Jacksonville Works

7 Tips to Get Better Results from Your Resume on Jacksonville Works

On Jacksonville Works, your jobseeker profile is your job application. This means you can quickly apply for jobs without having to re-enter all of your application details over and over again every time you apply for a job. With a completed jobseeker profile, you can apply for jobs in one click, saving you time during your job search. Not only is jobseeker profile your application for jobs, it is what employers will see when you apply for jobs and when they search for candidates using resume search.


This makes your jobseeker profile on Jacksonville Works a very important part of your job search. It is the first contact that you’ll have with employers and what they will use to decide what candidates will move forward to interviews and ultimately a job offer. So of course, you’ll want to make the best impression possible.


In this article we will share six tips that will help you make the most of your job seeker profile. While these tips are specific to the Jacksonville Works jobsite, they will generally be helpful for any resume that you create. These tips will help you create a strong jobseeker profile that will give you better results in your job search.





Let Employers Find Your Resume


You have the option to make your resume be found by employers. Employers can search resumes for candidates who match their job openings. If you allow your resume to be included in resume search, a new opportunity could find you. 


We cover how to make your resume searchable in the How to Create a Resume tutorial. You can view that tutorial here.


Opting in to this feature is simple and easy. It’s also a smart way to increase your chances of finding a job that you love or being contacted about an opportunity that you maybe would not have known about.


Create Multiple Resumes


Jacksonville Works allows you to have multiple resumes. This is a great benefit when you are applying for different types of jobs. 


With multiple resumes you can easily apply to a variety of jobs, with customized resumes. For example, if you’re interested in customer service and retail jobs you can create separate resumes that are specific to each field. Each resume can highlight the experience, training and skills related to a particular type of job.


To create additional resumes, simply access your account and click the “create new resume” button. Jacksonville Works allows you to create an unlimited number of resumes. So you can easily create customized resumes for a variety of jobs and be ready for any job opportunity. You can learn more about multiple resumes in the How to Create a Resume Tutorial. You can view that tutorial here.



Clearly Communicate the Type of Job You Want


Clearly communicating what types of work opportunities you’re open to considering is an important part of your job search. Jacksonville Works allows you to communicate your job preferences directly on your jobseeker profile. There are several ways that you can communicate your job preferences to employers. By completing four specific fields on your jobseeker profile and resume you can let employers know exactly the type of jobs that you want. Those fields are:


  1. Desired job title
  2. Job type
  3. Job category 
  4. Personal summary


We talk about these three fields in more depth in another article. You can read that resource here. But by using these fields to describe the types of jobs you want, you can be matched to jobs and be found by employers with opportunities that align with your goals. 



Provide Accurate Contact Information 


You dedicate a lot of time and energy searching for the right job. That's why it is so important that employers can reach you with job opportunities. 


Employers will typically contact you to schedule interviews, schedule interviews or begin some other part of their hiring process, by calling, texting or emailing you. To avoid missing job opportunities, include an accurate email address and phone number on your resume. 


In addition to the contact information being accurate, use an email address and phone number that you have easy access to and  check often. 


Include All Education 


Many jobseekers believe that only a high school  diploma or  degree received from a college or university should be included in the education section of their resume. That is not true. Education can take many forms. Yes, definitely include your high school diploma or GED and degrees earned from colleges. But don't leave out other forms of education such as classes, boot camps and even online courses.


Include anything where you have learned or further developed a skill on your jobseeker profile as education. Not only does it make you a stronger candidate but it gives employers a more complete picture of what you can bring to their business. 



Fill in the Work History Fields


We know that uploading your resume as an attachment is faster and easier than typing all that information into your profile. But, there are added benefits for taking that extra step.  


When employers view your job seeker profile on Jacksonville Works, they will see the details that you entered into your profile first. If you only upload a resume, they will have to take the added step of downloading the document. By completing all profile fields, instead of only uploading a resume, you make it easier for employers to review your application. They don't have to do any additional steps. This gives you an advantage because it is easier for employers to review and respond to  your resume. 


Applying for jobs on Jacksonville Works is simple and easy, especially if you create a strong jobseeker profile. Applying the tips outlined in this article will help you create a jobseeker profile that will be an effective tool in your job search. 




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