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Mandarin Animal Hospital

4473 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Since 1965, Mandarin Animal Hospital has been a vibrant and vital home for pet owners throughout Jacksonville, FL and surrounding communities. Throughout our history, we have strived to provide the highest level of care and service to our clients and their pets while continually updating our Jacksonville, FL veterinary facility to remain at the leading edge of veterinary care.


State-of-the-Art Facility

From 1990 to 2010 Dr. Robert E. Gordon was dedicated to building on the original owner’s vision for a full-service state-of-the-art Jacksonville veterinary facility, which included building a substantial addition to the facility. This allowed the hospital to offer a wider range of services and update equipment.


In January of 2011, Dr. James L. Mosley, Jr., purchased the practice and set about continuing its development. This included upgrading the Hospital’s laboratory equipment, bringing in new anesthetic equipment to provide even safer anesthesia, and computerized radiography, which provides more rapid diagnostic capabilities, enhanced image quality, and the ability to quickly consult with specialists.


Our Mission

While Dr. Mosley and his staff will continue to find ways to improve the quality of care and service at Mandarin Animal Hospital many aspects of the hospital will not change. We will continue with our flexible scheduling, hire only the best and most committed staff, provide excellent customer service at all times, price our services fairly and competitively, and maintain the highest quality medical and surgical services.

In short, we are committed to living up to our motto each and every day: Celebrating the special love of animals with knowledge and compassion.