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Ultimate Medical Academy

1255 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL, USA

For over 25 years, Ultimate Medical Academy has been committed to helping students succeed in healthcare careers by offering comprehensive, quality career training online and on-campus. We offer students a connected support system from the start of their journey through graduation and into a career.

UMA is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with a campus in Clearwater and office in New York. The institution offers programs online and in-person and has proudly offered support to more than 63,000 students through to graduation and in their job search.

Making a difference.

Inspired to make a difference in everything we do, helping others is at the core of what makes UMA. We help students train for careers that can make a difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others through healthcare. We do this while also focusing on development and growth for UMA faculty and staff.

Ultimate Medical Academy is an institutionally accredited nonprofit healthcare career school with a national presence. With more than 63,000 graduates nationwide, our online and on-campus programs are currently educating over 14,000 students across the country.

Our employees make a difference!

We’re always on the lookout for UMA talent. Our employees have an innovative mindset, as thought leaders and innovators within our institution, consistently bringing creative solutions to the table. As UMA focuses on the future, we’re seeking bright, qualified, inspired professionals who share our passion for helping others. If you think you’re a good fit for our school, please contact us.

What makes UMA special?

Just like we equip and empower our students for career success, UMA does the same for our staff. We match motivated staff teams to align with UMA’s mission and values, provide professional development resources and training, offer intramural sports, great amenities and much more. All this is offered while fostering a diverse work culture through our Diversity & Inclusion Council, which continues to host annual events and employee resource groups aimed at addressing unique needs and issues in today’s workforce.

Living in Tampa

The Tampa Bay area has something for everyone, with abundant sunshine and fun lifestyle activities that make the area a good place to live, work, and play.