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MOJO no.4

3572 Saint Johns Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Have You Found Your Mojo?


The Mojo experience ignited in 2003 and since then has blazed across North and Central Florida into eight locations. "Mojo" comes from the Blues, denoting a good luck feeling or vibe, and when it was paired with barbecue, a divergent atmosphere erupted.

When you hang out in any Mojo location, you can expect to hear great music, sit under local art, and visit with members of the Mojo family, all the while enjoying a plate full of meats smoked in-house and homemade sides.

The Mojo goal was to be able to offer an array of regional barbecue styles in one place and with their own personal touches, and they've been able to do just that! From North Carolina to Texas, you can find anything you like at Mojo.

In 2011, Mojo took their first serious step towards a whiskey and craft cocktail bar. The fourth location, Mojo no. 4 Urban BBQ and Whiskey Bar, is nestled in Avondale's historic district and hosts the first collection of whiskey and bourbon Mojo owns.



When they were met with great bar success, Mojo knew they needed to move forward with whiskey, and with each new location opened, the bar got larger than its predecessor. They even installed a much-desired whiskey bar in their second location on Jacksonville Beach in 2014, eight years after they opened.

The bar scene wasn't the only thing increasing in the Mojo world. In the last few years, Mojo catering has expanded to large festivals, major events, and elegant weddings. There was a demand for good barbecue and southern food at home, and Mojo delivered.

When you're looking for killer food in a laid back, one-of-a-kind atmosphere, and you're looking to get your mojo workin'… you can find it at any of the eight Mojo locations in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Ocala, and Lakeland.