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All Pro Asphalt

All Pro Asphalt is a full-service paving contractor based in Jacksonville, Florida predominantly serving the NE Florida and SE Georgia markets. Our services include asphalt paving, pavement repair, seal coating, pavement markings, traffic signage and more!
With approximately 40 employees we're able to complete our projects in-house to guarantee you with the best possible service. Our inventory of equipment includes paving machines, dump trucks, vibratory rollers, traffic rollers, tack machines; seal coat rigs, loaders, crack fill machines, striping machines, reversible compactors, plate compactors and other paving-related equipment. All of our trucks are GPS monitored via Fleetmatics software
Our headquarters includes our fully staffed office, equipment yard, material storage yard and a fully staffed maintenance facility. We service our own equipment and have mobile service trucks for emergency equipment repairs.