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Wholesale Realty

1514 Felch Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Wholesale Realty offers a hands-on approach with our investors to solidify their success in investing. Our agents are all fully-licensed and come with both professional and personal knowledge — as they too invest in the real estate for their future!

The principal broker has over 17 years and 4,000 residential transactions of experience. We have an unsurpassed level of market knowledge, contacts in the industry, and exceptional wholesale opportunities. Because of this, we are able to pass on much of our properties for pennies on the dollar! Jacksonville currently offers some of the most reasonably priced real estate in the nation. We know this is exactly what our investors need to build a strong portfolio and we strive to bring only the best deals to the table.

We, at Wholesale Realty, pride ourselves on always conducting business in the most honest, professional, and friendly way. The deal is never done until our investors are fully satisfied and we see to it with the utmost integrity and top-of-the-line customer service.