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Good Dough

1636 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, USA


Our doughnuts are handmade from scratch in small batches. We use real, high quality ingredients with a focus on exceptional local ingredients in our recipes—from our signature doughs to our glazes and fillings. And for you foodies out there…our house raised doughnut is a brioche style yeast dough. It's springy but also rich, buttery and tender with a slight chew! Now we need a doughnut.



We serve locally roasted coffee from Vagabond Coffee Company. Vagabond roasts to highlight the natural flavor profiles unique to each coffee.  

"We know that we're a small part of a larger coffee story so we do our very best to honor the producers of the coffee by simply highlighting the quality that's already present in the beans" -Will Morgan, Owner of Vagabond. 


Our shop is a friendly spot for neighbors, friends and families to connect and enjoy.

We want to share our love of dough with you, so we built two giant windows looking into our kitchen. And if you have littles, we have a special play nook for them too.    


We love our community and want to support it.

We hope to do this by serving doughnuts with a big smile, emphasizing outstanding local ingredients in our recipes
and partnering with other businesses around town on fun events and pop-ups.