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Job Guidelines

At Jacksonville Works, we are on a mission to match local employers with great local talent. We believe that local hiring is the key to creating stronger local companies, communities, families and careers. 

Please help us strengthen the Jacksonville Works community by reporting any jobs that do not meet our Job Guidelines. You may report any such job by sending an email to Jobs on Jacksonville Works must be:



We only allow jobs that comply with local, state and federal laws.

Equal Opportunity

We only allow jobs that provide equal opportunity employment for everyone.


We only allow jobs that represent actual employment. We do not allow multi-level marketing organizations, pyramid schemes or any other postings that do not represent traditional bona-fide employment. No shady jobs are allowed.

Open and Available

We only allow jobs that are actual opportunities for employment. The employer must have a real need and intentions to hire an employee within the job positing period (30-45 days). We do not allow postings for closed jobs, unavailable jobs or for market testing for future hiring. 


We only allow jobs that help job seekers improve their lives. 

Community Oriented

We only allow jobs that support the economic and cultural development of the Jacksonville community. 


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